Sustainable Fashion Design Festival

We will be hosting & screening The documentary film “A Plastic Ocean” (2016) directed by Craig Lesson @Paradiso Theatres in Ubud, Bali
Sustainable Fashion Design Festival

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The Ancient Futures NewEarth Festival

We’ll be focusing on the water element and its sustainable future.

NewEarth Festival

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We are an eclectic team of visionaries: artists, filmmakers, teachers, entrepreneurs, leading a movement to prevent ocean plastic and clean our precious oceans.

We will implement a hydro-solar powered wheel that intercepts plastic & trash on one of the most polluted areas in East Indonesia NTB.

Indonesia along with China and India are responsible for 30% of the Global trash production.



In Indonesia, a locally lead team is bringing a hydro-solar powered trash wheel to the Jangkuk River in Lombok- the island’s largest river located 200 meters from the Indian Ocean. The trash wheel was created by U.S. company Clearwater Mills and has proven to be a resounding success in Baltimore, Maryland – where it has intercepted over 354 tons of trash flowing in Jones Falls River from emptying into the Atlantic Ocean.

Our aim is to revitalize the riverbed in Ampenan, Lombok, into a natural river park – creating a community hub of recreation and business, using the sustainable technology of the waterwheel trash interceptor to clean the river and keep the trash from flowing into the ocean. We are modeling our vision off of the proven success in Baltimore, where their Inner Harbor has been revitalized as a place of community and tourism, while providing education, awareness, and stewardship of their waterways.

In addition to the implementation of a trash wheel, we will also be working to educate the local community in Lombok about the devastation of our oceans and working together to promote a working system of waste management. The wheel will collect the trash, in the most volume during storm surges – emptying it into a large dumpster. There is already a road at the projected site of Jangkuk River’s future trash wheel, which will allow for easy access of transporting the trash. Each container will be brought to a dump in Lombok, where it will be sorted and studied, just like in Baltimore.

We hope to take this project one step further by partnering with companies and artisans, who are focused on re-purposing this waste into raw materials for production of goods – fabrics, baskets, bags, lamps, etc. Although this project in based in a solitary river and town on a single island, we believe that this model can inspire the rest of Southeast Asia and the world to incorporate this system of technology and education to begin cleaning our collective waterways – deterring littering and catching the waste before it goes into the ocean.

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